Thursday, November 24, 2011

National Adoption Month: Interview #2

I thought it would be neat to hear from personal friends who are in the midst of their own adoption journey(s) during this National Adoption Month. I first shared the picture below on our Haiti adoption blog in December 2008. The family represented is very dear to us! During our first 1 1/2 years in Chile, we worked with Pastor Cristian and his wife Betsy at their church in San Bernardo.

Their testimony and faith journey individually and as a couple is in a word - AMAZING. From having miracle twin daughters after being told children were a near impossibility; to God saving Betsy's life following a transplant surgery; to leaving behind financial security and years of investment in the secular workplace to plant a small church and serve God in full-time ministry. Now they are embarking on another journey of faith, one which is a human impossibility but believing that "with GOD all things are possible!" This is Betsy's story.

the Ormeño family: Chilean family pursuing adoption from Haiti

When I met the Garcias, they had three beautiful adopted children and were in the adoption process for their two Haitian sons. I had never been that close to a family with adopted children. Seeing happy and growing children and hearing how they arrived in their parents’ arms was always thrilling. Little by little I became interested in learning more about their future children in Haiti. Every time I was with them I wanted to know details. Every day something beautiful began to awake in my heart, the desire to adopt. I thought of the tremendous blessing this family had, but most of all about how beautiful it was to see these children enjoying a family that loved them. I thought of how God adopts us into His family through Jesus Christ and about the responsibility we have as Christians to care for those who are weak.

I have to confess it was Stephanie who unconsciously motivated me to decide to adopt. I thought that I wanted to have that blessing and after two pregnancy losses I decided, the path is adoption. Today I feel that this child has been born in my heart and also in the hearts of my two teenaged daughters and my husband.

We are dreaming about his arrival, we believe it is God’s will. Thanks to Stephanie’s experience we decided to contact a Chilean foundation which processes adoptions of Haitian children to Chile.

We wish for his homecoming, without doubt this child will bring much joy to our home and on the other hand God will allow my husband and I the possibility of making a new disciple of him. We dream of his coming and pray that God will continue to open doors as He has until now.
Sometimes I think that perhaps the experience of our family might challenge others, just as the Garcia family did for us.

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