Friday, October 14, 2011

Making Sweet Music

our beautiful violinist

Some months ago, Isabel was invited to participate in a pilot program for the Teleton branch where she has attended the past 2 1/2 years. After years of pleading and applying, one determined musician in Iquique received a grant providing funds to purchase instruments and begin an orchestra with/for the children who receive care through this great organization.

following the teacher's lead

It has been such a pleasure to watch Isabel blossom as she gains confidence on her instrument. She is playing the violin along with several others, and twice a week receives instruction alongside her classmates. The teachers are university students who volunteer their time and talent to the children. We have been blessed by this special opportunity!

practicing in the gazebo

The orchestra's first public performance was at the Teleton's anniversary event a few months back. They had just started practicing and were a little timid, but were encouraged by the cheers and applause of proud parents, therapists and guests in the audience. Two weeks ago, they had their second chance to perform. This time they played on the beach, in support of an event to promote organ donation in Iquique.

making music together

A professional archer began the event with several impressive shots out into the ocean. Booths were set up which provided free information, blood pressure readings, coloring pages for children, and even face painting! At one point a pair of tandem paragliders floated in, with the emblem of a heart fluttering on a flag behind them and confetti scattering below them. It was a sight to see!

spreading confetti and awareness

Our group of children, after practicing in the shade and relative privacy of a gazebo, eventually moved front and center under a tent and in full view of the event organizers and attendees. Isabel was serious and a little nervous, but she and the others did great! They received warm applause and were even photographed by a reporter from the newspaper.

Isabel with her violin teachers

We snapped pictures as well, of Isabel with her teachers and with Mommy and Daddy and Eva (who were her cheering section that day.) Afterward we headed to the new ice cream place in town to celebrate! It was a sweet morning of music and making memories with our two growing girls. We are proud of Isabel's latest achievement and so thankful for both of our precious, talented daughters.

the girls enjoying their special treat

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