Friday, April 03, 2009

Can't Stop Thanking Him

Today was a busy day for the kids and me. (Daddy arrives home tomorrow, and we can't wait!) Owen woke up with some rough breathing and a non-stop runny nose. After dropping the girls off, I decided to keep him home for some rest time and I'm glad that I did - he slept for almost the next two hours!

The plan was to pick up the girls from school at noon in order to make our 12:30 appointment with a specialist who would be evaluating Isabel regarding her CP and future treatment. The doctor is actually the director of the Teleton here in Iquique, and that is where the evaluation took place. The Teleton is a nationwide organization which provides rehabilitation services to disabled children free of charge. Each year an enormous amount of money is raised through their annual 27-hour telethon (hence the name) which is practically a national holiday! The people of Chile truly support and are proud of this 30-year old program.

Based on her evaluation of Isabel, the doctor referred her to a 12-week program of physical and occupational therapy. She said Isabel is doing fantastic but the therapy will continue to reinforce and fine-tune some of the details pertaining to her fine motor skills and balance issues. After the twelve weeks, Isabel will be re-evaluated to see if she should continue in the program.

I am so thankful to the Lord for opening this door. We were unable to use the services of the Teleton in Santiago and since our insurance does not cover physical therapy, it has always been an out-of-pocket expense in the past (and God has always provided.) Now we do not have to face that financial concern but can still depend on a great program to meet Isabel's needs. God is so kind!

I was thinking of this tonight after the kids and I had a fun evening out together. Eva was so thrilled with everything we did/ate/bought that she said, "I just can't stop thanking you, Mommy!" I told her then and am reminded now that we should feel the same way about God. He is so good to us, and I should feel so grateful that I just "can't stop thanking Him!"


Terri Fisher said...

Great reminder, Steph! That's so cool that you are able to access those services free of charge for Isabel. I have lots of people praying for your trip on Monday. Love you!

Anonymous said...


- Heather Marie

Stampincrazy said...

I need to check your blog more often. That is good news for Isabel's ongoing care with regard to her CP. We will be praying that all goes beyond expectations.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring comments, dear. We have a wondrous Father-God who is to be praised for Who He is and What He does. I am learning this same lesson as well. What joy we have when we are content and thankful. I noticed marked improvement in Isabel's movements and balance and grace from her ballet video. We shall continue to trust God. What marvelous provision for therapy! Mom