Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Kiss from God

Owen arrived home from school in a very happy, wound-up state today. He has been running and jumping and playing and talking a-mile-a-minute non-stop! Among other things he has told me that his Spiderman shirt was a gift from Jesus (he later accepted that it was actually from Aunt Jenn) and that just after he prayed for his lunch, he received a kiss from God. He tires me out, but cracks me up!

I guess you could say that he is my kiss from God. :)

See for yourself ...


Anonymous said...


I just went to my room to escape the craziness that two boys brings to all other rooms in my house. I thought I'd just take a little break while they were finally working at their school.

...then I found your post...and Owen...and oh my goodness! It's as thought I walked right back into my kitchen! LOL

I cannot wait to see videos of all three of your boys together. There's just NOTHING like a group of two or more boys to add some serious energy to your life!!!

- Heather Marie

Ragan said...

He does look like a little fireball!

It's cool to hear your voice.

Anonymous said...

He's super cute! Kerry