Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, our family set foot on Chilean soil. Four years ago today, we embarked upon our first term of missionary service in this special land (otherwise known as the adventure of a lifetime!) It is hard to believe the time has gone so fast.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate this milestone than by doing what God has called us to do and dreaming about the future plans He has yet in store. This morning Pedro spent several hours with our missionary colleagues and a Christian architect going over ideas and possibilities regarding a piece of property for sale on the outskirts of Iquique. We are in the process of formulating a project proposal to present to our field team and mission board as a first step towards one day owning our (God's!) own church building in this city. What a day that will be!

Meanwhile, I met with two moms for the final morning of "Martes Para Mujeres" (albeit on a Wednesday!) It was with a full heart that I led the last session of our Biblical parenting course. I am so thankful that the Gospel was clearly presented in both the video and during our time of conversation together. My prayer continues to be for God's Holy Spirit to draw these special ladies to Himself. What a privilege it has been to meet regularly, knowing they are giving up their own time and other interests to come to my home because of the love they have for their children and their desire to raise them well.

Tonight I will meet with another four or five moms to finish the series with our evening group. For them as well my prayer is that they will understand that God loves them just as they do their own children. I pray they will know and understand that He wants to be a Heavenly Father to each one.

Thank You, Lord, for allowing us the precious privilege of serving You here. Thank You for your faithfulness and patience with us. May we be fruitful, for Your glory!

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