Friday, August 24, 2007

We're Here!

We landed in Chile this morning around 10:15 am, after a long but uneventful flight from Toronto. All the transitions, from checking in bags to boarding the plane to the flight itself, went so smoothly and we know that is due to the faithful prayers of many!

We passed through immigration fairly quickly, though our colorful family received many amazed glances and Owen had a number of strangers talking to him and remarking how cute he was! From there we headed to collect our luggage. A gentleman from one of the churches here in Chile, who works for another airline, had already collected our baggage and recruited several skycaps to transport the suitcases through customs … all we had to do was follow them and they led us straight into the welcoming arms of my sister and brother-in-law, nephew and niece. What a special reunion that was!

For now, we are staying temporarily in a furnished apartment on ABWE’s property here in Santiago. It is so nice to have this comfortable place to stay while we take care of other details relating to the house we are renting. Renting is quite different in Chile than in the United States; among other things, the renter usually walks into a home much in need of cleaning! That is true in our case as well, so we will get that done and work on purchasing some appliances, light fixtures, etc. before moving in.

My sister took me to see the house this evening after we had a wonderful meal in their new home and while the cousins were busy enjoying one another’s company. It is a very cute house, small by North American standards, but will certainly meet our needs during this year and a half in Santiago. Having grown up in this city, my one concern was that the first-floor windows do not have “protecciones” (metal bars) across them. We may see if the owners will allow us to add those, although many of our neighbors do not have them either.

It was so nice to catch up with familiar faces today – family, friends, co-workers, and Chilean nationals we hadn’t seen for many years! We are tired, but in a very good way … and so very thankful to be here. As the girls were preparing for bed tonight, we talked about how we have been asking God to bring us to Chile since they were born! And how He has answered that prayer, and always answers every prayer … in His own perfect time.


Patti said...

Stephanie- I am sooooo happy you have reached your destination - finally! What an experience, huh?
I hope you get some rest this weekend. Hugs - Pep

Deborah said...

Hooray for God & hooray for a safe arrival!! :)

Love & miss you!