Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Second Semester

We've started the second semester of school here in Chile. Yesterday, actually. I am happy to report that although on the eve of school my girls adamantly announced that they hated school, within less than 24 hours they rapturously reported that everything had been "thumbs up" about their first day back. (We try to do a thumbs up, thumbs down at the lunch table after school to learn about the best and worst moments of the kids' day. They love it and it's a great way to keep a pulse of what happens in their hours away from home!)

So we are somewhat painfully resuming our routines, and to be honest it may be harder for Mommy than anyone because with it comes the crushing consciousness that we are now racing downhill to departure for furlough. The inmensity and unknown of it all are on my mind hourly and I continue to pray for soon and clear direction as to how we are supposed to proceed. Most daunting is not knowing whether we are to pack up this house in its entirety and store it; pack up this house partially and attempt to sub-let with the owner's permission; or whether God is going to open a heretofore closed door and allow us to purchase a home prior to departure (in which case a full move and finding renters must reasonably follow as well.)

In the meantime I desire to serve God completely and meet the needs of my family wholeheartedly, and often I feel so overwhelmed. To that end my prayer is and must be, as the psalmist wrote: "Teach [me] to number [my] days, that [I] may gain a heart of wisdom." (Psalm 90:12)

Amen: So be it, Lord!

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OliveTree said...

I enjoyed a little glimpse of your life today! May the Lord guide you concerning your house as you look ahead to your furlough.