Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Help for Today

One reason I love reading blogs, especially those written by other Christian women, is because they remind me of how lovingly and patiently our Heavenly Father does His pruning work in each of our lives. His plan for His children - His daughters - is not once-size-fits-all because we are not once-size-fits-all. (A fact I am keenly aware of and have been gently trying to impart to my precious daughters as their bodies take fledgling flight into the intricacies of pre-adolescence and peer consciousness.)

Nonetheless, some of our struggles are the same and it is so encouraging to realize that others are walking similar paths towards Christlikeness. Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" and often I feel as though the lessons shared by other believing women serve to "sharpen" my own walk with the Lord.

Today was no exception as I clicked on this link which provided a list of eight Bible verses for mothers to memorize as we seek to be more patient with our own children. From that post I followed a link to another which poetically spoke to the same challenge in our oft-harried, stay-at-home-mother's lives. I read, "This cross of domestic patience here is really but driftwood for the spiritual midgets, but I’m grateful that He knows my frame and what I am made of" and I nodded my head in agreement over God's gracious patience towards me and the reminder that I must impart that same patience to my children.

Yes, I must be careful because I can easily "link" my way for hours and in the midst of all this "good" lose track of time and miss the "best" God has in store for my family today. I don't want to throw away time (there I go linking again!) especially in light of all the pending changes for our family.

But I did want to express thanks for this "help for today" which served to refocus my thoughts on the Lord and my attitude on forbearance and the grace I have received, which I must in turn pass on to my precious ones ... like two certain little boys who are now calling my name! :)

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