Wednesday, May 04, 2011


red bridge in Taichung, Taiwan city park (photo by Mark Forman)

In less than six weeks, my sister Terri (who writes on Our Silk Road) and her husband Dave will meet their fifth child (and first daughter!) in the country of Taiwan.

My niece Sophia.

I am so excited for them, I can't stand it. I told my husband that my dream is to be their adoption photographer and travel with them to Taiwan and take pictures of the heart-pounding, unforgettable, brilliant moment that they finally meet one another.

He said, dream on.

Well, those weren't his exact words but you get the idea. Either way, his response was not encouraging! (But I still love him.)

It has been a long journey to Sophia. The dream of adopting an Asian daughter was born in their hearts years and years ago, maybe even as far back as when Terri was a little girl envisioning her future as a missionary to China. Or maybe a decade or more ago when Dave was working for a Christian publishing house that produced materials in Mandarin and they actually took a missions trip together to China.

But I know exactly when the dream came into focus.

It was July 2008, and Pedro and I had just received the most stunning, miraculous news in our journey to adopt Ian and Alec. A "paid in full" grant - something utterly unheard of - had been awarded us for their adoption. I remember calling my sister Terri but getting her husband Dave instead, and blurting out our amazing news to him. In retrospect I know there was a reason Dave heard it first, because from that moment on he gave Terri the green light to do what they had always only dreamed of: pursue an adoption from Asia. The finances of an international adoption had always held them back, but seeing how God provided for us gave them the confidence to step out in faith and see what God had in store for them as well.

However, the path for every family is different. Financially speaking, their journey to Sophia has not been characterized by one major, miraculous provision but rather by faithful, sacrificial planning and giving and saving along the way. From the sales of delicate Christmas ornaments to a compilation of delicious recipes to the hard work of garage sales, Terri and Dave and their friends have put one foot in front of the other and little by little seen their needs supplied.

Now they are just weeks away from traveling to Taiwan, and their sweet friends have planned one more event to help them have the monies needed to go and bring home their little girl. The "Sophia Fisher Adoption Fund Raiser Buffet Dinner" will take place from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 19 at the Lebanon Area Evangelical Free Church in Jonestown, PA. All recipes used for the buffet will come from their adoption cookbook, which is such a neat idea! Terri told me that their friends came up with this on their own and are doing all the work for this special night.

Hearing that blessed my heart in such a way, because that is what supporting an adoption really looks like. Not everyone is called to adopt a child themselves, but every Christian is called to care for orphans and to "love one another" - and what better way to do both! I pray the night will be an amazing success. If you or someone you know happens to be in the Jonestown area, please drop in! And if you are unable to attend but would still like to help, just click on the "100 Good Wishes" box at the top of my sidebar.

I can guarantee a very special little girl will someday thank you.

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Terri Fisher said...

Steph, did you know that the city where Sophia is living is Taichung--the same place your photo is from? You always word things so eloquently. Thanks for sharing in our journey...we love you!