Saturday, May 28, 2011

Acto "Dia de la Familia" (video)

This evening the school our older three attend held its "Dia de la Familia" (Family Day) program for the parents. Each class prepared a special number on the topic of "the rights of children." Yes, really. We roll our eyes sometimes at the emphasis that is given in Chilean schools to instilling these rights into the kids' minds, not because we don't agree with most or all of them but because of how we hear about them later!

The program was quite long but as parents always do we enjoyed the participation our children had in it. Owen's class was first, and their skit was about how children deserve to be accepted as they are. In the skit, another boy was being teased and mistreated by classmates because he was "different" and Owen stepped in to defend him. He was hamming up his role and did an excellent job! In true boy fashion, he never told us anything about the part he was going to play and so it was all a great surprise. :)

Isabel's class was almost last in the program, but they performed with gusto some original lyrics to the tune of "Un Millon de Amigos" (a song they learned in music class this year.) I assume it was about a child's right to be in a family and be loved because the chorus said, "I just want the love of parents." Isabel had fun with it and was looking forward to performing all week!

Our cowgirl Eva was pumped about her outfit for tonight. We hit the "Agro chico" (a nearby market which sells fruits, vegetables, and used clothes from the US) and found her a secondhand pair of jeans since she had outgrown all of her other pairs. A neighbor loaned her cowboy boots and with her cowboy hat she looked adorable for the part. Her class song was "Todos Somos Americanos" and was about celebrating diversity and brotherhood among Americans (ie, anyone from North, South and Central America.)

It was a late evening but fun, and our two non-students (Ian and Alec) did a great job sitting through the program and cheering for their brother and sisters. They did an even greater job of eating the snacks provided in each of their siblings' classrooms afterwards! We are so proud and thankful for the wonderful children God has entrusted to us and appreciate these special moments in their lives.

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Terri Fisher said...

It's kind of funny how much time and energy is spent on these programs at your kids' school in comparison to the States. Definitely a different philosophy of education! Tell my nieces and nephew that they did a great job!