Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tae Bo Tough (with video)

A dusty VHS tape has recently found its way into the light in our home, and Billy Blanks' Tae Bo exercise routine has become the latest craze! Owen and Isabel are the die-hard fans, but even Alec tries to get in on the fun. Mommy also gives it a go since it was her idea to (a) work on healthier family living and (b) wear out the kids before bed. :)

intense concentration

Owen likes the video because according to him, Billy Blanks is "bald like me" and "black like me!" He does think some of the women on the video are kind of scary, especially this one buff blond lady.

look out for those punches

Isabel follows the moves on the television with intense concentration. She doesn't say much but she gives it her all!

that's what we call an uppercut

It is rather challenging to have five or six bodies of varying sizes and shapes attempting to exercise in an approximately 7 ft x 11 ft room. Especially when Alec's head is at just the right level to connect with Owen's fist! (That was just an accident, right??)

get those legs moving

Needless to say we all look very amusing and tonight I asked Eva to snap some pictures to document our goofyness. She thinks we're all nuts anyway, so she was quite willing to acquiesce!

sometimes Mommy's more amusing than the video

Yes, I did know the camera was on me at this moment. What's life if you can't laugh at yourself once in awhile?? I'm just thankful for these sweet and silly moments shared with my children. Now if I could get in shape while having such fun, that would be really something! :)


Deborah said...

I LOVE your sweet and silly willingness to laugh!!! :-D It's one of my favorite of your attributes, Mon Ami! :) Love you!!! THANK YOU for sharing! :)

Anna and David said...

That's so funny! It reminds me of putting on the old record of my mom's "Christian Aerobics," complete with a booklet of illustrations straight from the 80's (matching headband, leotard and leggings). Your kids are going to share this and laugh when they're in their thirties.