Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reading Update: Two Books

I'm not exactly sure how these two books made it into our library - neither was on my reading list for 2011 - but both were quick reads and I thought I'd make a brief commentary on each:

The Lotus and the Cross
by Ravi Zacharias

This is a small "gift-sized" volume of less than 100 pages which presents an imaginary conversation between Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ. Vastly different than most of Zacharias' writings, this book is a "scholarly yet imaginative approach to apologetics" according to one author. I personally was quite unfamiliar with the tenets of Buddhism and found this an interesting means of becoming acquainted with some of those beliefs, while simultaneously being reminded of the only absolute Truth which is found in God's Word and in the person of His Son. However, my personal opinion was that the book felt somewhat contrived and fell short of the amazing capability Zacharias has for writing on a deeper level.

Woman First, Family Always
by Kathryn Sansone

The author of this book is a healthy, well-organized, happy stay-at-home mother to ten beautiful children. Divided into three sections, the book seeks to provide nuggets of wisdom gleaned from her own experience. She writes about how we women can better care for ourselves, our children and our marriages by providing organizational tips; ideas for household routines; and encouragement to prioritize healthy living. While much of what she shares is not earth-shattering, her advice still serves as a positive reminder that women are multi-faceted individuals and should seek to maintain a proper balance in these areas. Perhaps one drawback to the book is the author's apparent affluence, which may make some ideas seem unattainable for the average reader.

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Life with Kaishon said...

I just got Carol King's book tonight from Gretchen. It was good.
I am going to read Mennonite in a Little Black Dress soon. SO excited about that. I love mennonites. And I love Little Black Dresses!