Monday, March 07, 2011


I found this in the back of my daughter Isabel's school notebook the other day. As she is not usually one to draw pictures, it immediately captured my attention. I love that she drew herself and her sister side by side, even hand in hand! This is how I dream of seeing the two of them together, although in "real life" that isn't always the case. Often I think no two girls could be less alike!

My "allegory" for the picture is this: Just like the photograph is a little soft and unclear, so is their relationship right now. But were you to look at the original drawing up close, you would see the delicately traced lines and carefully chosen colors and happy smiles on the two girls' faces. Someday - I hope and pray - their relationship will be just as beautiful.

Because I know just how special sister-friendship can be. I've been blessed with two wonderful sisters and I wouldn't trade them for the world. They also happen to be two of my most faithful blog readers so here's a shout out to Jenn and Terri. Love ya, sisters! I only hope Eva and Isabel can learn to be as generous and kind to one another as you have always been to me. :)