Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Memories (with picture)

Grandma Garcia with baby Eva at the airport

This morning I read Tonya's blog about being "the lady with the crying baby on an airplane" and I had to laugh. It was a fun read, and it also reminded that more than once upon a time I have been that person, too. In fact, it caused me to think wa-a-ay back to my very first time flying with my baby girl, and those memories made me smile.

Eva arrived on May 11, 2001 as an adorable, bouncy three-month old. She was, as we have said many times, the "perfect" first child and grandchild because she was pretty much the most content baby ever! Fortunately, she was very forgiving of our new-parent failings. I will be the first to confess that we were very naive in the adoption department especially, having not received any formal training up to that point. (Our small-town agency was supposed to provide pre-adoption training but didn't. And no one else in our circles knew any more than we did!)

If we had known then what we know now about attachment in adoption, I probably would never have taken a trip away from home so soon after Eva's arrival. Have said that, it was still a very special trip and one that holds many sweet memories. It meant the world to Pedro's parents and younger sister that we would bring their first granddaughter/niece to meet them, as it was financially not possible for them to make the trip from Texas to Pennsylvania at that time.

My memories of the actual flights are fuzzy, but I do have a mental snapshot of being at an airport with baby Eva in the front of the Snugli carrier and trying to drink a cold soda over her little head. :)

My second experience flying with Eva was during her cute baby stage of trying to catch everyone's attention and elicit a smile. On one flight she tried every sweet wile she had to make eye contact with a nearby passenger and earn her requisite smile. Unfortunately for Eva, she didn't realize the passenger was asleep! All of her adorable grins and giggles were in vain.

These memories are sweet and fleeting. Already the details are blurred so that once again I am reminded of the need to cherish each moment before it quickly passes by!

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I love you, my beautiful friend, and your beautiful family! <3