Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Isabel's Baptism

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The sun was shining and the water was crystal clear on the morning of Isabel's baptism. In the company of thirteen others from our church, she took this step of obedience to publicly demonstrate her faith in Jesus and willingness to live for Him. We are proud of her and thankful for her sensitivity to God's leading in her life!

Our church holds baptisms once a year, with a picnic and time of fellowship afterwards. We made our kids aware that this was coming up but simply said, "If this is something that interests you this year, let us know and we can talk about it." While we believe baptism is an important step, we also believe it needs to be their own decision. We were thrilled when Isabel expressed her desire to participate, but even so assured her that she could take the preparatory class first before deciding. She and Daddy took the class together and after the class she was confident that she wanted to follow through with her decision!

It was special to witness Isabel's excitement and also her desire to invite others to share this day with her. She invited several teachers and her kinesiologist from the Teleton to come. Not all were able to attend, but she was very happy to have Tia Loreto join us that day! We were so proud of her willingness to shine for Christ in this way.

Even those who were not able to come have asked how things went, and her testimony has allowed us to share that baptism by immersion represents Christ's saving work for sinners. At the baptism Pastor Alejandro explained the symbolism of going under the water to represent Christ's substitutionary death for our sins and subsequent burial; followed by the coming up out of the water to represent His resurrection from the grave. It is an unusual concept to most Chileans, added to that the fact that Isabel is so young and making this choice on her own.

We pray that through her story a seed of truth is planted that will grow into saving faith one day!

Isabel with the pastors and other candidates for baptism

IBM Iquique baptism photos - 2010 & 2009


StacyandChad said...

What a precious moment for you as a family and a church! What a blessing!

Terri Fisher said...

Great photos...tell Isabel that Uncle Dave and I are so proud of her for taking this step and publicly proclaiming her love for Jesus!