Friday, June 12, 2009


Hippotherapy: therapeutic treatment for patients with motor dysfunction, using the multidimensional movement of the horse and guided by specially trained physical, occupational and speech therapists
An unplanned special treat for Isabel's birthday was the start of an 8-week hippotherapy program sponsored by the Teleton. Her physical therapist from the Teleton is in charge of the program and was her companion on the horse for Isabel's first ride. But by the second time around, Isabel was ready to ride solo!

I wasn't able to take picture of Isabel riding alone because I was asked to walk beside her. It was easier said than done, since the sand was so thick and deep, and I definitely got my exercise. :)

We are so thrilled for this opportunity, which was offered absolutely free to us. The horses belong to the Chilean military and the therapy takes place on their property which is literally on the beach. Isabel will definitely be making some special memories in the weeks to come!


Terri Fisher said...

I wondered if this is what you were referring to in your cryptic post a few days ago. One of my colleagues in public school years ago used hippotherapy to stretch her muscles due to CP. She really enjoyed it! I'm sure Isabel will, too!

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!? I have never heard of hippotherapy but it was interesting to read the info on it. Just think, you get to exercise also - that's another plus!! Love you! Hope to call sometime this evening to wish Isabel a Happy Birthday.

Away2me (Deanna) said...

I volunteered at a program just like that when I was in my late teens. It was fantastic! The changes we saw in the kids was amazing. Some very seriously disabled kids changed so drastically that you wouldn't even recognize them.

I am so glad Isabelle is enjoying the program. She's welcome to come riding with me any time when you guys are stateside!

The Whites said...

saw your link on the coffeegirl blogroll. Enjoyed visiting your blog. You have beautiful children!! Blessings!