Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Final Vacation Thoughts

Garcia and Rubin families at Villarrica Volcano, January 2011

Today I opened my journal (which has been gathering dust for a few weeks) and read some paragraphs I had scribbled early during our two-week vacation to southern Chile. I've already shared my favorite vacation photos and my favorite vacation moment, but as a final post on the subject I thought I would share these thoughts as well!
One acquaintance calls family vacations, "family work-ations" because with children there is still so much for parents to do. But the joy of it is that the "doing" focuses on one another rather than outside responsibilities and distractions, so relationships are strengthened and memories are made in the midst of it all.

We love our vacations to the river house in southern Chile because once we arrive we are cut off from cell phones, internet and even television (except for a handful of videos for mellowing out the children when needed!) The beaten paths and rocky riverbanks beckon adults and children alike to hiking and exploration, and hours are spent side by side in mutual enjoyment of the great outdoors - especially the daddies and older children, but even the little ones put forth their best efforts and often join in the fun.

It is a sweet and peaceful retreat from the frenetic pace of daily life, and especially poignant are the memories built upon memories after three summers spent by and with the cousins in the same place.

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