Saturday, December 18, 2010

"E" is for Excellent Effort

The girls' school closes out its year with a final awards ceremony in December. For each grade, two certificates are handed out: the first for overall grades, and the second for effort. Last year, each of our girls received recognition for their effort and it was especially meaningful as we celebrated the successful completion of their first year in Chilean school.

Eva's classmates have been with the same teacher for the past three years and I imagine she tries to honor a different student each year; but Isabel had a new teacher this year and she chose to honor Isabel again with the award for effort.

Isabel was very excited to receive her certificate in front of everyone. She was all smiles on the platform and as she made her way back to her seat. In addition to her certificate, she received a box of fancy chocolates. That quickly made her a favorite with her brothers! :)

We are proud of all three of our "big" kids and their hard work this year. It is a joy to celebrate with them and acknowledge a job well done. Congratulations, Isabel! We love you.


HollyMarie said...

She sure is growing up fast, what a beautiful girl! Congrats Isabel!

Terri Fisher said...

Yeah, Isabel! (And what a ham you married, Steph...he had to get in on that last picture...)