Friday, November 26, 2010

Revista de Gimnasia

Last year I wrote a post describing the annual program hosted by the physical education department of Eva and Isabel's school here in Chile. This year, knowing a little better what to expect, we looked forward to seeing the girls' participation in this event once again.

The actual name of this event in Spanish is "revista de gimnasia." We wondered exactly what that meant, as the word "revista" has multiple definitions. The closest we could find was "to review or inspect" such as the formal inspection of troops in the military.

In addition and just for fun, I looked up some more information and found this explanation for the purpose of a revista de gimnasia:
A gymnastic review is that which provides an infinity of physical exercises with the final goal of developing your physical coordination capabilities - rhythm, syncronization, differentiation and adaptation, and the conditional capabilities - speed, strength and resistance.

So without further ado I present the girls' videos for this year. Unfortunately due to our not arriving early and the number of parents present, we were seated in such a way as to see mostly the back of the girls' heads! But you can still get a good idea of the exercises they were required to learn. Eva was especially worried about having to dribble two basketballs at once in one segment of her presentation, but she did great. They both did, and we are proud of their efforts!

(PS - For Eva's 2009 class performance, click here. For Isabel's 2009 class performance, click here.)

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Daria said...

They both did a wonderful job!