Thursday, September 16, 2010

Owen's Dieciocho Program

This morning we headed out to the Dieciocho program for Owen’s school,which was held at an outdoor cancha a few blocks from our home. Pedro took this cute video of Owen practicing his cueca one more time before leaving:

He did a fabulous job with his presentation! Owen gets a little embarrassed when he applaud his efforts, but he really takes it seriously and does his very best. He is the “huaso” in the middle with the shiny poncho:

Ian and Alec enjoyed the activities, too! In fact, if it were up to Ian I think he definitely would have joined in with this class’ performance:

Now we are looking forward to a long weekend (Friday thru Monday are national holidays this year) and special times of sharing with neighbors, colleagues, church family and friends!


Anna and David said...

We are VERY impressed. That's about the best zapateo we've ever seen. We only wish that we could dance the cueca so well!

Terri Fisher said...

Wow! That was awesome...Owen's got some rhythm in him! Enjoy the festivities this weekend!