Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fun Family Night

The night of the girls' Dieciocho program, contrary to nearly every other Saturday, we had a free evening at home as a family. It was so nice. We ended the day with a "family night" and encouraged the kids to come up with a performance of some sort that they could share with the rest of us. Very funny!

Eva did a one-person puppet show with her three puppets: Foxy the Fox, Zebra the Zebra, and Caterpillar Whose-Name-I-Don't-Know. It was an environmentally friendly skit about setting up a "clean water" sign to ... well, keep the water clean! She was quite excited.

Isabel wanted to make up for the morning's loss by performing her "cueca" for us. In addition to the cueca I think she also performed to the Jammie Jangle song and one other crazy number which had little brothers Ian and Alec doing the caterpillar crawl on the living room floor!

Owen was not feeling well and kept Mommy and Daddy company as part of the audience on the couch. He did join in for some family singing and prayer time. It was such a sweet night. I am so thankful for fun family nights, and for each and every day with these precious ones who share my life!

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