Sunday, September 05, 2010

Celebrating the Dieciocho with Our Girls

Yesterday our daughters' school hosted its annual Dieciocho program to celebrate Chile's Independence Day (September 18.) This year is Chile's Bicentennial year and so the festivities nationwide are extra-special! Both Eva and Isabel had class presentations and did a fabulous job. But unfortunately, we started the program on a very sad note.

In addition to a poetry recitation with her class, Isabel had also rehearsed a "cueca" with her folkoric group and was so excited to perform. This meant she needed to bring two changes of outfit - the first a miner's outfit, and the second a typical "chinita" or "huasita" dress. Her classroom teacher instructed us to bring her dressed as a miner first because their presentation was early in the program.

Sadly, the folkloric group was first on the program and we were not aware of this. By the time we realized our mistake, Isabel was heartbroken and in tears because she had missed the opportunity to perform. I wanted to cry, too! She went from the height of excitement to the depths of disappointment and you can see it written on her face in the video below, which is of her 2nd grade class' poetry recitations. (I want to post a translation of the poems separately, as they were beautiful and all related to miners in our region of the country.)

Eva's class presentation was second to last on the program. The girls dressed as mermaids and the boys as Chilote fishermen from southern Chile. They acted out the legend of La Pincoya, which was unfamiliar to us. I looked it up later and learned that Chilean mythology describes La Pincoya as a female "water spirit" who assists Chilote fisherman with an abundance of seafood and attempts to save those who shipwreck. If she fails to save them she ferries the drowned crew to a phantom ship where they can live forever. (I had to laugh - I guess Disney's Pirates movies owe a thank you to Chilean legend!)

As always, it was fun to share this time with our girls and to see the results of their practice and efforts. Each student earns a grade in Art for their participation in these events, and if it were up to us we would give them a "7" (equivalent to an A+) for sure! :)


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my word. She did look SO sad. I felt heartbroken for your baby. She is so beautiful. I am glad you get to be her Mommy. What an honor for you.

Terri Fisher said...

The girls did a great job once again. So sad that Isabel didn't get to do her dance, but hopefully you can get to see it sometime again! She did look so don't often see her that way! Enjoy your dias patrias!