Thursday, May 20, 2010

Owen's Parade (photos)

our handsome sailor boy

Each year in commemoration of Captain Arturo Prat and Chile's famous Battle of Iquique, parades and ceremonies take place throughout the city. May 21 is a holiday nationwide but nowhere is it celebrated with greater fervor than here. Owen's jardin organizes its own parade each year, complete with police escort and the singing of Chile's national anthem and the valiant hymn of Iquique. Last year we took these pictures and video of Owen in his first desfile. He looked so adorable but a little timid!

In contrast, this year he seemed relaxed and happy to be among his buddies. Owen did, however, have one very important moment of seriousness. Owen was chosen to raise the Chilean flag, which according to our Chilean friend is a big honor. He did a fabulous job!

standing beside the flagpole after raising the Chilean flag

I wasn't able to get a photograph of Owen raising the flag because I was too busy taking a video (and changing batteries midway because my camera died!) But we were so proud of him. I have to admit, my mommy's heart swelled when "Owen Santiago Garcia" was announced over the loudspeaker!

Owen with his marching mate

After the parade was over, the parents and children gathered for a traditional empanada before heading home. Tomorrow there will be no school but a full military parade will take place on the main coastal highway.

posing happily with his cheese empanada

This will probably be Owen's last parade for awhile, as this year he graduates from Kindergarten. So we made sure to enjoy it and we're glad he did as well. He definitely has a new hero - an Arturo Prat sea battle reenactment over lunch a few days ago made that pretty clear!

We are so thankful for this funny, cute, all-boy son of ours. :)

in full seaman attire

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Corey and Nicki Shields said...

I am quite sure that Owen is the most handsome one in these pictures! The videos are great too. What an amazing experience for him