Wednesday, May 20, 2009

21 de Mayo Iquique-Style

May 21st is a huge holiday in Iquique, as Arturo Prat's fight to the death in the Battle of Iquique is celebrated with music and marches and much patriotic spirit. (For those who read Spanish, this is an interesting link by a Chilean blogger on the subject.)

At Owen's pre-school, the boys and girls dressed in marine uniforms, sang songs and paraded down the street in front of the school to the delight of many parents. Afterwards, we all crowded into the school for the traditional empanadas before making our way home. Tomorrow will be a holiday throughout the city and country.

Below are two videos of the festivities. The first is the children singing of a traditional song, and the second is of the parade. Owen seemed all too happy to march hand in hand with his little girl classmate! We were proud of our handsome little sailor.


Kathy's Korner said...

That boy is just so cute Steph! Please give him a squeeze for me.

I'm glad to hear your turning a corner with what ever bug you have! It sounds horrendous. So so hard to be sick and be mom!!

Anonymous said...

¡Que bonito ese marinerito!!!