Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out of Words

desert tree overlooking Iquique

Every night I come to this keyboard with a lack of words.

It's not for a lack of excitement or busyness in our lives. We have plenty of that.

It's not for a lack of cute kids stories to tell. Like, did I mention that Owen thinks he is Chilean now? If anyone asks, he is "from here." Not from the States, or Sudan, but "from here." I guess since he has now officially spent more of his life on Chilean soil than anywhere else, that's fair! (It was also funny when his classmate visited the other day and said, "Owen, why do they speak to you in English. You speak Spanish!" as if confirming Owen's perception of his "Chilenismo.")

It's not for a lack of ministry updates to share. Last week we entertained classmates, a teacher, and several parents from the girls' and Owen's school on multiple occasions. It was great because all of these were people who do not profess to know Christ and with whom God is allowing us to build redemptive relationships here in Chile.

These days I picture myself as this tree. It is planted in the middle of the driest desert in the world (as am I.) It looks leafless and tired (as I feel many days.) But it is stubbornly growing (as I attempt to be, by God's grace.)

Lord, help me withstand the harshness of the climate and the challenges of ministry and the garbage that so quickly collects in this arid place and in my heart. Help me like this tree to be an encouraging sight in the midst of barrenness!

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Corey and Nicki Shields said...

Thank you for sharing. I sometimes feel the same exact thoughts that you captured with the desert tree. God bless you.