Tuesday, April 06, 2010

MK's Are Missionaries, Too

Last year I wrote about an occasion when Isabel was a "little missionary" to her classmates at school. Unbeknownst to me, that blog entry was then shared in the Winter 2010 edition of our mission agency's publication, the ABWE Message magazine. An acquaintance from a supporting church clued me in and it was neat to see Isabel's story in print! (For the record, the picture is not of Isabel, however. We did have someone think it was her.)

I mention this to preface Isabel's latest story. A few days ago she told me that when she was in first grade (last year) she had a dream. Her dream was that Pedro and I and she and perhaps the rest of our family all visited her first grade classroom and in her words, "shared the Gospel." Then, she said we moved on to the second grade classroom and shared the Gospel there as well.

As we discussed her dream again last night, I assured her it was a wonderful desire and that we do need to pray that God gives us opportunities to share Christ with her classmates and teachers. I told her we can start right now by praying for her teachers by name. Also, this semester God has already opened the door for Pedro to teach English to two fathers whose children attend school with ours. We are praying those classes lead to opportunities to speak of spiritual things.

Will you pray with us? As you can tell, MK does not only stand for "missionary's kid" but it also truly means "MISSIONARY kid." Our children are able to touch hearts in ways we cannot, and their friendship with other children opens doors to minister to their families as well. Please pray that our children's hearts would be tender to the Spirit's leading and they would continue to have compassion for the lost.

Pray also that Pedro and I would have wisdom to know how to reach out to the families we are getting to know through our children. One key way to do so is by having people into our home, but with the busyness of life (ours and theirs) and the rotating shifts of those who work in the mines it is often hard to coordinate hospitality as we would wish. Yet it is a valuable investment for eternity.

We are so thankful for the "little missionaries" God has entrusted to our family.


Life with Kaishon said...

I loved reading this SO much. What a wonderful thing that she has such a heart for Jesus. I know God is going to do BIG things with her! XO to your little missionary!

Ann Leinbach said...

I don't know if you remember me, but you and Pedro and the girls stayed with us during our Missions Conference in Livonia, MI. I was reading the ABWE issue and saw that article about Isabel. I was able to find your blog, and am so happy to see that you are now in Chile, along with 3 little sons! God bless your family.