Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Birthday Party for Owen

Last December I wrote a post about birthday parties in Chile and what a big (and expensive) deal they are here. I think I made it clear that a full-blown Chilean-style birthday party was not in our future (or in our budget.)

Well, we gave in. The opportunity presented itself to do a joint birthday party for Owen and his buddy Martin, and we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do this thing and not break the bank if we split the cost of renting the party place and purchasing the extra food.

Can I just say ... the bank still broke. And I still don't think we'll do it again. But, Owen had a good time and so did his siblings and friends so I guess that means it was worth it ... this time! :)

happy birthday boy

taca-taca champion

"Aunt" Kim & "cousin" Kristi

church friends

Wii was a hit (pardon the pun)

little brothers' first taste of cotton candy

the gang's all here

big sister Eva with Alec

The day of the party, Martin's mom Mayi and I labored over the matching birthday cakes. I made four 10 x 13 devil's food cakes which we then layered and iced with a "Ben 10" theme (one of the decoration themes offered by the party place and which both Martin and Owen like.)

I can only take credit for the baking and doing what I was told with the decorating. That is not my thing! But Mayi had a cute idea and the two cakes turned out great. It was a labor of love. :)

Martin's on left, Owen's on right

our handsome 5-year old birthday boy

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