Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tsunami Warning in Iquique, Part Two

We have been hearing stories far more exciting than our own about the events that unfolded here in Iquique as a result of yesterday's tsunami warnings. Personally I am thankful that our experience was not too thrilling, and I am especially thankful that our children have taken things in stride (after all, it is normal for kids to play "ring around the rosy" to a refrain that talks about tsunamis coming and people running for their lives, right??)

Colleagues found themselves hurried out of a grocery store when the tsunami alert was announced, and they followed advice to drive high up the mountain to Alto Hospicio. In their prayer letter they described people "hurrying to higher ground, tires squealing, everyone on cell phones and running red lights." Friends whose children attend school in the downtown area described utter chaos as traffic snarled and hurried drivers placed crowds of schoolchildren in danger in their frightened state behind the wheel. One woman told us that mothers were rushing up to their children with cries and tears, and many kids were scared and crying in the confusion.

Anna's account of her experience arriving into Iquique as many were trying to get out, was also quite interesting. Needless to say, there is much anxiety in our city and in our nation. And we are just catching a glimpse of what countless others are facing daily.

Please continue to pray for my nephew Matias in Santiago. After yesterday's huge aftershocks (which led to two back-to-back evacuations from school) he was too fearful to return his classroom and did not want to go to school today. My sister has asked prayer for wisdom in talking to him and for God to calm his heart and mind.

Also, please pray for the team from our church and from sister churches in Santiago that will be working to deliver food, aid, tents (in connection with Shelterbox) and most importantly, the hope of the gospel with those in affected areas over this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

We just did a big shelterbox awareness campaign with my rotary group up here in canada. Its nice to hear stories about them being used since we are so ferverently promoting them :)
God Bless!