Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moments & Memories

I was looking for some archived information from 2007 on our blog and found myself immersed in memories.

Three years ago in March 2007, Owen was exactly the age Alec is now. He had the same chubby cheeks and build as his brother does, too! It is amazing to look through the pictures and stories and see how time has flown. Somehow I wish we could just freeze these moments in time.

It also made me so thankful for this blog and the record it is of our life. Once upon a time long ago, I was a Creative Memories consultant and an avid keeper of scrapbooks and stories. But then children came and life grew crazy and this blog became the place to record our daily life and adventures instead.

Someday I really do need to get my blog "blurbed" - or whatever it is they call it - into book form. I want to make sure that these stories are here for my children to see and that these moments are here for me to remember when life has rushed us into yet another unwritten chapter.

Because these moments and these memories are truly, priceless treasures.

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