Monday, May 18, 2009

Fever Schmever

I made it through most of the day just well enough to somewhat function and start to think I may have turned a corner.

I am thankful that we were even able to have a quick dinner with a very dear old family friend whom I hadn't seen for twenty years (Felipe Morales from Mexico ... pictures to come later.) I told him that the Christian family hospitality had really waned over two decades: we once had their whole family (all 9 of them) over for Thanksgiving dinner before they left Chile; now tonight all I could offer was McDonald's and playing with Owen's SpiderMan Happy Meal toys.

But as soon as dinner ended, the fever started. I took the new medicine the doctor prescribed, which is supposed to attack the bugs involved in pneumonia. He said it was possible I had it even though I didn't have the usual amount of congestion and blockage, and since the last antibiotic didn't work we should try attacking a new set of bugs. He gave me enough sample to last through Thursday, and then I'm supposed to go back. Only Thursday is a holiday. I think maybe he forgot.

I begged the kids to help me by being obedient at bedtime and once they felt the heat emanating from my skin they seemed to take me pretty seriously. Now I'm drinking, drinking, drinking ... and hoping this goes away soon.

Thank you for your prayers.


Heather Marie said...

praying like mad for you, Stephanie! I'm so sorry you are struggling. It's hard enough to be down and out. it's even harder to be a mom or entertain! My hat is off to you!

Melissa said...

oh, Steph. I hope that you get some relief very soon!

David and Anna said...

Sorry you have to deal with being sick. It seems to be a bad season here lately... people are coughing everywhere! We hope you get better soon.

Carin said...

so glad you are a little better... in Jesus name you are healed!

I know you are so busy, but I want you to check out I was a guest writer last week & I want to know your thoughts on what I wrote, please.
You are in my prayers, Carin