Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As I mentioned in this post, God has provided for Isabel to receive therapy twice a week at the Iquique branch of the Teleton. She started her sessions while I was in Haiti, so yesterday was my first opportunity to meet Tia Paulina and to observe their activities together.

Isabel has received some form of physical and/or occupational therapy since she was around two years old, so much of it is not new to us. Even so, it is always interesting to watch and I am constantly impressed by Isabel's good attitude and willing participation in what she is asked to do. When she first started as a toddler, her therapists used to express amazement that she could focus and participate so well at such a young age. She has continued to amaze all of us in the years since then. We are thankful for our precious girl, beautiful both inside and out!

finding hidden treasures in the putty
(fine motor skills)

moving clothespins on/off one hand at a time
(fine motor, hand strength)

swinging without holding the ropes
(trunk control, balance)

rolling over the big ball
(trunk control, balance)

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Unknown said...

I just couldn't love her more if I tried. She is so devestatingly beautiful!