Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snapshots from Today

Today was a good day, a full day, a busy day, a day with lots of exercise! One to remember but which I'm too tired to blog the details of ... so for tonight, just these snapshots:
  • Riding the radio taxi to school
  • Walking an uphill mile back home
  • Enjoying Pedro's homemade breakfast sandwiches
  • Playing and laughing with Owen
  • Walking a downhill mile to school
  • Riding the radio taxi downtown
  • Visiting the feria to find someone to embroider school clothes
  • Discovering what maqueta paper is and buying some
  • Ordering custom-made school shirts since no one has them in stock
  • Greeting church friends unexpectedly on the busy street corner
  • Stopping at ChileExpress for an unsuccessful package search
  • Walking Calle Baquedano
  • Eating sandwiches and empanadas in the open air
  • Watching Owen play with a little boy running around alone on the street (we think his parents must be nearby vendors)
  • Riding home with a black taxi driver who was so happy to meet Owen and talk about our colorful family
  • Listening to the kids happily enjoying their new playdough
  • Watching Daddy prepare for tonight's service
  • Buying tickets for Haiti
  • Sending Daddy by radio taxi to church
  • Laundry/dinner/bathtime/bed
  • Reading books to my girls
  • Praying with my kiddos
  • This moment of peace and quiet

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Sig said...

Thanks for coming ot my blog! Your kids are beautiful and those, I want to eat them up! You are so blessed :)