Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Place to Call His Own

Yesterday Pedro and I purchased two small, inexpensive desks and two even smaller, clearance-priced bookshelves. One set is for the neighboring Alto Hospicio church, where the pastors plan to eventually post office hours and rotate so that one of them is there every day. The other set will remain at the Iquique church in a tiny back room which will also serve for storage of Christian Ed. materials. It's not much, but that room will give Pedro somewhere quiet - and away from the house - to study. I'm excited for him!

Tonight we unwrapped the two pieces and set them up under the window. We hung a small painting from Haiti on the wall, appropriate both as a reminder of our boys and also of the needs worldwide (Pedro was asked to oversee the area of missions at church, too.) If Pedro looks carefully over the neighboring housetops, he can even catch a glimpse of the ocean while he is working. I know he is thankful - and so am I - that he now has "a place to call his own!"

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