Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Kids Make Me Smile

Today at lunchtime, Pedro tried to use code language to ask me about what he would be doing with Eva later in the afternoon (she earned a special date with Daddy for facing her fears when she had to "fly solo" at school today.) He asked me about "la hija mayor" ("the oldest daughter") in Spanish ... at which point Isabel promptly piped up, "Why are you talking about Eva??" We can't get anything past her these days!! :)


This afternoon, Owen asked me to blow up a ball that looks like a world map. He was very proud of himself for correctly showing me where we live in Chile (and I was proud of him, too!) Then I showed him where his brothers live in Haiti. He was so excited and yelled, "Isabel, look! That's where my brothers live! In this green country! My brothers live there!" He is going to be a great big brother someday - hopefully soon. :)

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