Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crafting Cuties

One of my favorite things about living in Iquique is the great weather and our outdoor patio area where the kids can play. This summer they have really gotten into making crafts, as I've mentioned previously, and I love that they can create to their hearts' content and leave their mess outside! :)

Not only is it fun to see the interesting creations they come up with, but what I really appreciate is the camaraderie it has fostered between the siblings. Today, for instance, Owen wanted to make a skateboard. Eva was quick to offer her expert opinion and even to loan her Build-a-Bear skates for the project. (Mom-Mom, those skates have been used for everything but their intended purpose - the kids just love them!)

Recently I had someone comment along the lines of my being fairly laid-back about the kids making their messes in the back yard. I told her that as long as they are doing it outside the house and they are using their imaginations instead of sitting in front of the television (a constant battle these days) then I am happy! And with these three crafting cuties, I truly am. :)


Melissa said...

Those eyes on Owen, he looks like he just hit the jackpot with the craft supplies. Love it!

David and Anna said...

I agree. It's great that they enjoy ANYthing more than tv! Here's a fun website that lists all the crafts from the show "Art Attack" from Disney. I use it all the time for a craft group here at the church. The projects are creative and use everyday household items.