Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our First Visitors to Iquique, Part Five

heading home

Monday morning, with the aid of Google maps and an address taken from the internet, I drove Betsy and the girls to the Tur Bus station on the other side of town. We made it with ten minutes to spare, just in time for them to load their bags and say our goodbyes!

The pictures below are from various different days during the visit. I think that for both us and them, it was a fun and beneficial time. It helped Betsy and her girls take their minds off of missing their husband/dad so much, and it certainly helped our kids to enjoy some special summer days playing with their friends. It also was a huge boost to Isabel and Owen's language development, as the two of them spoke non-stop Spanish with the girls! Eva, as usual, was more reticent in trying to speak but she also seemed to improve in her understanding of what was being said.

Betsy and I enjoyed many good talks, and for my birthday she baked my favorite dish in all the world: a real Chilean pastel de choclo (see the picture of Pedro posing with it below.) We are thankful for these special friends and the time we shared together!

making lots of fun crafts

the yummy pastel del choclo (half gone!)

girls' night out

the gang's all here

an ice cream outing on my birthday

last visit to the Zofri mall


Unknown said...

This is so special Stephanie! I am so glad you could be with your friends on your Birthday! I am glad the kids had fun too! I just love you girls. They are so ADORABLE! Her girls look very sweet too. Aren't friends the best?

David and Anna said...

Happy birthday! Glad to see it was such a happy day. We're praying for your adoption date. I sent an email with our phone # to your abwe address, if you ever want to get together.