Friday, January 09, 2009

Thursday's Synopsis

Our second night in Iquique ended late, with blogging and chatting and Skype calls and concern for our missionary colleagues (the Spink family) who are to arrive this weekend but have yet to receive their one-year visas from the Chilean government. It was a restless night and morning came early due to Owen's coughing and then throwing up phlegm as a wake up call for Mommy and Daddy!

Pedro headed over to the house first thing and began working on details there; later he and Alejandro went to look at vehicle possibilities even though we are unable to purchase one yet (our car in Santiago needs to sell first.) Meanwhile Robyn and I took four kids with us to the mall in search of a kitchen stove but once again struck out. For some reason they don't believe in putting thermostats on ovens here and I don't believe in cooking without one! :)

The kids were sooo tired and we had to do some grocery shopping as well. We got them a quick bite to eat and were almost done with the groceries when Owen projectile vomited in front of the frozen meat display. Little Jacqueline was in front of him but fortunately survived with a mere sprinkling (I know, that is a very gross thought ... it was a very gross moment, to be sure!) So guess what?? On our second full day in Iquique we already had Owen in a doctor's office being diagnosed with a bad bronchial obstruction once again. But at least there was no hospitalization! He is on two different medicinal "puffs" (that is what they call the inhaler here) and a syrup of some kind.

Prayer meeting and a surprise welcome party for us was scheduled at 8:00 p.m. this evening. Owen's appointment at 5:30 was early enough to not interfere with those plans, but when at 4:00 we received a call informing us that the moving truck would arrive at 6:00, things got a little interesting! They arrived a full day before we expected them and by 9:00 all of our items had been emptied from the truck. But, it was impossible to take any of our bedroom furniture to the third floor due to the steep turns of the narrow stairs. This was a big problem!

We were forced to call it a night and plans were made for the men to return in the morning and rent one of those machines like the telephone line repairmen use. They plan to somehow raise the furniture through the third floor windows that way. By the way, one of the movers told us how he was crushed by a heavy item once and lost several internal organs and remained in a coma for two months. He even showed us the scar to prove it. So now I feel guilty knowing they are doing something potentially dangerous yet again!

At any rate, Pedro is sleeping over at the new house tonight. Thank you to those who have been praying for this transition and please pray for safety and success tomorrow as well!

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Alisha said...

Oh my word, Steph!!! Sounds like you guys lived a weeks worth of events in one 24 hour period...hope things start to settle down for you soon=) Wish I was next door to help out....and of course to have some pan!