Sunday, January 18, 2009


Pedro, Alejandro and Hugo

We jokingly called this outing our first team meeting for Northern Chile, but in reality it was simply a time for our kids to play together and for the three families to spend some time relaxing and talking. We didn't discuss "business" at all. I just have to put the disclaimer in because my husband worries that when people see picture after picture of how beautiful it is here, we will lose support! :) :)

These were taken last night at Playa Cavancha, where we gathered to eat once (teatime) on the beach and watch the kids swim and build sand castles. Enjoy!

Natalia with her mom, Robyn

Alejandro and Hugo's parents

Jacqueline and Isabel

Natalia and Eva

enjoying "once"

Natalia, Johnny, Alejandro and Miguel

beautiful sunset over the fishing boats

high-rises on the peninsula

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