Monday, January 19, 2009


Tonight we experienced one of those meaningful conversations with our children which makes all the other frustrations of parenting somehow less overwhelming. As we drove home from the evening service in Alto Hospicio, we asked them if they understood what we were doing there. We explained that this church is only a few weeks old and its purpose is to share with the people of that city about God. We talked about how every person has a God-shaped hole in their hearts that only He can fill through His Son Jesus Christ.

Isabel's response was, "But is God bigger than our hearts?" (I let Pedro figure out how to answer that one!) We agreed that God is bigger than our hearts, but He wants to fill our whole heart and He wants us to give our whole heart to Him.

Then as we wound our way down the mountainside in the darkness, the kids began singing the first line of "Quiero Identificarme Con Cristo," one of the songs from church this week. None of them could sing beyond the first line but they all tried in their best Spanish, even Eva. And in hearing them try out their language skills and reflecting on a conversation of greater spiritual depth than we've had recently, I felt so thankful. Thankful for my three very different but equally special children at home. Thankful for this missionary life which is sometimes hard but infinitely rewarding!

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