Thursday, December 11, 2008

When Sickness Hits

*Update: Eva was not getting any better so we visited the pediatrician this afternoon and had the swab test for strep throat, which fortunately was negative. The doctor diagnosed her with amigdalitis aguda (tonsilitis.) She's supposed to drink lots of liquids; ibuprofen for her fever; and rest for the next few days. The birthday party was a no-go and in fact Eva surprised us by turning down the chance to go over to her cousins' later in the day for a piece of cake, choosing instead to stay home and rest. For Eva to actually choose to rest is a sure sign that she is truly ill! Thank you for your prayers.

Eva woke us up this morning by crawling into our bed in tears. She said that her tongue hurt, and although we couldn't see evident bumps or lesions she was in such a state that we decided we should take her seriously and keep her home from school. It feels like she might have a fever as well; and she complained of dizziness when she got up to eat a light breakfast a little while ago.

Last year, something we called "tongue bumps" went around our family - a version of hand/foot/mouth, as best we could determine. I'm hoping this isn't the same thing, as it was very contagious and we have our joint family trip with the Rubins starting Saturday!

Today is also Mati's birthday party and Eva will be so disappointed to miss it. We're going to monitor her this morning and see if she shows any improvement. Please keep her in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Praying Eva feels better soon and no one else get's it.

Melissa said...

Hoping the day got better for Eva.