Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Day in the Life

So many things have been happening here lately, but it seems the most energy I can muster is to post a few pictures and head to bed. It's been absolutely crazy. Perhaps the best way to summarize it is to write about "a day in the life" - let's take today, for example!

Children dropped off to school around 8:30 a.m. Pedro and I headed to the notary shortly thereafter in order to obtain a paper called a "poder notarial" specifically for the purpose of allowing our teammates in Iquique to sign the contract for our house on our behalf. We arrived on number 12 and our number was 27 ... an hour or so and $5 later, we had the poder in hand.

While waiting in line to pay the fee, a man stepped right in front of us and thrust his money to the teller first. Line cutting is par for the course in Chile, but can I just frankly say how very annoyed it makes me?? (Note: This is called foreshadowing. It wasn't the only time it happened today!) While I am on the topic, let me tell you about my worst line cutting experience. It occurred at the gift wrapping counter of Jumbo, our local grocery store. I just so happened to have my crying niece with me at the time and really needed to get this errand over and done with for her sake. I had my number and was waiting patiently. Just when the light switched to my number, an older man stepped directly in front of me and placed his items on the counter. He totally turned his back on me and ignored me even though he knew very well I was next in line. He knew better! I actually had my mouth open in astonishment that someone could be that rude to a woman and crying child. I was not a happy camper. But back to today's events ...

At the notary's office, Pedro's cell phone rang at least three different times. The last of these was from the girls' school, trying to find out if he would be arriving to take over the pre-kindergarten class this morning. We thought we had already made it clear yesterday that he would not be available to do this, but obviously there was a miscommunication and the responsibility landed onto his shoulders. Which meant that we had to hurry out of the notary's office and try to quickly head back to school ... which changed our plans of picking Owen up from pre-school and meeting my sister and nieces at their house for a car switcheroo and heading to the hospital for doctor's appointments with the three little ones. Instead, we called my brother-in-law to pick up Owen and they offered to meet us at school. Crisis averted.

From school, Jenn and I headed across town to the hospital where Owen had a follow-up appointment with his traumatologist and my niece had an appointment with her pediatrician. Owen's appointment was quick and easy, so we had time to buy a sandwich for lunch in between appointments. I headed into the cafeteria, grabbed my sandwich, stood in line and - yep, you guessed it - watched as a very upper-crusty older lady stepped in front of me. Only this time I didn't take it sitting down! I reached my arm around her and placed my item at the register. Even this didn't deter her, and she just looked over me straight at the cashier and gave her order anyway. Un-believable. I went back and told my sister that I could not be held responsible for what I might do or say if this happened again today!

Fast-forward through Kendra's appointment to our drive back to school, where we enter the throes of Christmas musical practice. It's two days from today ... and it's rough. 'Nuff said! In the middle of practice, my sister's phone rings and it's our co-workers in Iquique. They are calling to say that this is urgent, that the school we hope our kids can attend in Iquique is closing registration today because their classes are full and if we want any chance at getting in we have to e-mail our application this very afternoon. Sigh. Did I mention that we still haven't had a chance to mail that poder we got earlier in the day, and it needs to be sent out next-day mail in order to reach Iquique tomorrow?

We hurry home from school and my sister graciously takes our kids so Pedro can run to the post office and I can try to do this online application for school. I check my e-mail expecting to receive the promised information on our house contract (and house pictures, which we were supposed to receive last Thursday but we are still waiting for) but there is nothing except an e-mail with no pictures attached and no information whatsoever on the contract. Supposedly the owner leaves on Friday and the contract is supposed to be signed before then. Who knows.

Thankfully Pedro picks up pizza for dinner and we have a chance to unwind with the kids and even play a game with them before bedtime. That is good therapy. But the house is a shambles after four non-stop days in which we've hardly done more than sleep here, and we've packed a grand total of two boxes in all that time. (Have I mentioned we leave town for a week this Saturday and that the movers will be picking up our entire household on January 3? Yup, like three weeks away - one of which we won't even be here - and Christmas and New Year's in between. Very scary!)

So I'll be honest, stress levels are high and there is much, much, much to be done. Prayers are appreciated. We know God will carry us through this move like He has done all the others, and eventually we'll look back and laugh and say, Remember when?? God is good ... all the time.


Rebekah said...

I'm exhausted just by reading it! I'll be praying for you all as you get ready for your move.

Melissa said...

What a day!