Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mujeres Involucradas

It is hard to believe that our time with the Iglesia Bautista Esperanza Viva is quickly drawing to a close, as our January 6 departure date to Iquique approaches. I am thankful for the great memories created here, and especially for the wonderful ladies who have extended friendship and warmth to me personally. I am also grateful that in these final months of our time together, I was able to participate in a special way with the women of our church through the "Mujeres Involucradas" program every other Tuesday night.

To explain - those who are familiar with the Word of Life Bible Clubs will recognize the title "Teens Involved" - an annual event which provides the opportunity for Christian teenagers throughout the United States to compete in many different areas of ministry, including Scripture memorization, Bible teaching, special music (instrumental, group, solo) and etc. "Mujeres Involucradas" was created by our church as a twist on that theme by challenging the women in the church to compete in areas of music, dramatization, Bible teaching, creating "souvenirs" or take-home keepsakes which correlate with the lesson, Scripture memorization, etc.

I had the privilege of being one of the "international" jury each week. The pictures above give you a glimpse of the fun we had, whether listening to special music or tasting the treats provided each week. I believe the Lord was pleased as women took the challenge to stretch themselves into areas in which they may not have considered themselves "gifted," only to find that God could use them in ways they had never imagined. To God be the glory!

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