Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mujeres Closing Program

our pastor's wife and I

This past Tuesday was the final day of competition for the "Mujeres Involucradas," followed by a beautiful banquet on Friday night to close this year's program and reward the winners in the various areas of competition.

The ladies worked very hard to turn the church sanctuary into a lovely Chinese-themed banquet room, where our meal was prepared and served by several of the church men. We were told it was a "noche de gala" and as you can see, most of the women took that to heart and came dressed to the nines! :)

True to Chilean form, the dinner started around 9 pm and ended close to midnight. But the laughter and fellowship was sweet, a special ending to a special year!

the youngest attendee with her mom

Betsy with her mom Ruth and sister Jennifer


the "ladies in black" full of smiles

lots of laughter and fun

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