Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Urgent Prayer for an Adoptive Family

I have mentioned Aaron & Jamie Ivey on my adoption blog several times. They led the recent Real Hope for Haiti campaign and they are adopting two beautiful children from Haiti. Already they've had the privilege of holding and loving on their kids (Jamie heads back for her third visit with them in September.)

Today they received some discouraging news about their adoption, and while I do not know all the details I do know they are in need of some urgent prayer. Aaron wrote the following on his blog:
i’m kinda speechless today. only this: we really need YOUR prayer… at this point, it is going to take a MIRACLE for this adoption of our Haitian children to happen. i can’t really go into the details on here, but….gosh…. things are… it’s just that the hurdles of getting them here are becoming gigantic. it’s just setting in that they are not ours yet, and at this point it will take the miraculous work of God to see this through. you’ll just have to let me leave it at that. there’s so much bureaucracy in getting all this accomplished, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult… in a nutshell, we could be denied.
They are asking for prayer "that God would do what seems impossible ... for the sake of two beautiful children who already live in our hearts."

PLEASE PRAY for the Ivey family!


Rebekah Hubley said...

I will definitely be praying for them! I have followed their story through RHFH. Thanks for posting the prayer request!

Katie said...

I'm praying they are such a nice family. I'm praying that God takes care of any problems and they can bring these kids home.