Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Special Girls, Special Friends

The school year is ending at the girls' school, and for missionary kids that always means saying goodbyes - often permanent ones. Our girls are no exception, so we've tried to capture pictures of some of the special friends who have played a part in their lives this past year! Let me introduce you to some of them ...

Miss Lizzi, Isabel's second semester kindergarten teacher
she returned to the States yesterday

Megan Wright, an ABWE MK and Eva's best buddy
her family will be returning to the US this month

Miss Stephanie, the girls' PE teacher
she leaves for the States this weekend

It's one of the hard parts of being an MK (if not THE hardest part) and I remember it well ... so well, in fact, that I found myself crying through much of the high school graduation on Monday just because it brought back so many memories! Please pray for our kids to develop godly character through these often hard times of saying goodbye.


Anonymous said...

I know Steph will greatly miss everyone. The many changes in teachers is a burden for Steph and us. It makes me cry too. We love you all so much!

Karen Heald

ERIN lee said...

oh steph, i know exactly what you are talking about! i'll be praying for the girls and YOU! that is what i struggled with the most being and MK. but with God's grace we all get through it. praying

Terri Fisher said...

Thus our theme song, "Friends" by Michael W. Smith!