Friday, July 04, 2008

Our First Ex-Patriate 4th of July

Today certainly did not feel like the 4th of July to me.

We awoke to a gray morning, cold and with a slight drizzling rain. We hurried to get ready, despite the fact that this was our first day of vacation from school. Seriously, who but the United States Embassy would schedule doors to open at 8 o'clock in the morning? Add to that the fact that the embassy is clear across town and somewhat difficult to reach, much less in morning rush hour, and you will easily deduce that we did not make it on time for the program (which started at 9 AM.) In fact, when we arrived the program was more than halfway done. Oh well!

At least we were able to sing a few patriotic songs and say hello to some familiar - and some new - American faces. The kids especially enjoyed shaking hands with our servicemen in uniform! And between the seven rambunctious Rubin/Garcia cousins, the embassy courtyard may never be the same. My sister and I got a couple of "Wow, that's a lot of kids!" and "Are those all yours?" comments in the course of the morning! The cutest thing was that Eva thought going to the Embassy meant that we were actually going to the United States today.

Although there were no fireworks or cookouts for us this 4th of July, we are still thankful for this day set aside to celebrate a heritage of freedom and those who have given their lives and service to provide that freedom. God bless the USA ... Happy 4th of July!

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monica manriquez said...

te cambio un 4 de julio con el 18 de septiembre