Thursday, June 26, 2008

Walking with Owen

Yesterday Owen and I took a walk. It wasn't a long one, just a few blocks to my sister's house to spend some time with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop before they returned to the United States. The first picture (above) is my favorite of all the ones we took. What a smile!

I loved hearing him jabber away while we walked. It was like being outside loosed his tongue (not that it usually needs much loosening!) and he just talked a mile a minute about anything and everything.

It is cold here, so the hat and heavy jacket (and multiple layers of pants and shirts and socks) were a necessity!

I was taking pictures all along the way, so when I pointed the camera at these flowers, Owen stopped to admire their bright colors.

After that, he began noticing flowers everywhere we went. He stopped at this fence and first pointed out a blooming flower, saying "Mom! This one is bee-yoo-ti-ful!" I loved that our walk had caused him to notice beauty in such a simple thing! We talked about how God is the Creator of all the beauty we see in the world around us. Then Owen noticed the flower in this picture, which was not yet in bloom, and was concerned for it. It was fun listening to him muse as to why there was no flower on the stem. I so enjoyed our walk together ... I'm glad we took the time to "stop and smell the flowers!"

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Tracy said...

What a gorgeous web site!!! And the photos are so beautiful!!