Monday, June 23, 2008

In the Kitchen with Ghesy

It all started with the idea to have brunch at our ladies' Bible study on Wednesdays.

While the rest of us would bring the typical banana muffins or coffee cake, Ghesy would arrive with what appeared to be fancy bakery items - rainbow colored cakes and kuchens in neat white boxes. For the longest time we all thought she was buying the food she brought to the study, but she insisted it was homemade!

Then one day, we had a baby shower together and she brought Indonesian noodles to share. Wow! They were delicious. Ghesy offered us the chance to come over to her apartment and learn how to make them for ourselves before she and her husband transferred to their next embassy post in Nigeria. So a few days ago, several of us did just that!

a recipe book Ghesy has used for years
(but today's recipes were from memory)

some of our fine ingredients

Ghesy, our master teacher

watching and learning

Mom tries her hand at the cooking

Anne records the recipe for posterity in her book

Let's try Indonesian "egg rolls"

Wow, a meal fit for a king!

Ghesy, Jenn, Michelle, Anne and Gail
(I was the photographer)


Anonymous said...

That looks like you had fun. Are you going to be trying your hand to cook any of those for the family.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I expect your mom to fix one of these dishes for our next get together at church . . . :-)