Friday, June 27, 2008

"Guat" about Guateros??


1. m. Chile. Bolsa de material flexible que,

llena de agua caliente,

se usa para calentar la cama o alguna parte del cuerpo.

My kids are delighted with their very own new "guateros!" (I thought it was funny that when I looked up the word "guateros" on Google it took me to the Spanish language dictionary of the REAL ACADEMIA ESPAÑOLA and Chile was listed in the definition ... I guess maybe we're the only country that uses this word for a hot water bottle??)

Anyway, the kids have good reason to be delighted. It has been very cold here, especially at night when the sun goes down!

The girls went with me to pick out the guateros out and once I guided them away from the more expensive, brightly colored, kids-eye-level ones we decided upon these three. They were so excited, they wouldn't even let the Jumbo guy bag them ... they had to do it themselves!

This is night #2 with guateros and so far they have made climbing between the sheets at bedtime a much happier event!

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Terri Fisher said...

Those darn things really work, too! I remember many a night, using my guatero to warm my cold bed. I was excited b/c a dear family friend had made a cover for each of us girls that had our name or initials or something. Who knew they now have fancy ones!