Saturday, June 28, 2008

Conversations of the Heart

"Daddy, why is their house so small? And why do they not have many toys?" These are the questions our 7-year old daughter asked after an evening with one of the families from our church recently.

The result was a conversation about finding happiness in God, no matter how small - or how big - one's house or number of toys might be. It was a conversation that might never have happened if we had stayed in the United States in a comfortable suburbian life.

It is in these moments that I am once again humbled to be in this place, at this moment, entrusted not only with a ministry to the people in this country where we serve but also to the impressionable hearts and lives of the children God has chosen to make my own.

The words I say in front of a group of ladies and the songs I sing during a special service may soon be forgotten by those who see me only in my capacity of "missionary wife." But it is my hope that the words I speak in the close proximity of a moving car or in the quietness of a bedtime prayer, to those listening ears and watching eyes which see me at my best and at my worst, will be the right ones to plant seeds that come to maturity.
Lord, help me to be faithful and forgive me when I'm not ... may they not see me, but Christ in me!
In Jesus' name, AMEN.

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